The Justice Champions of Change interview series is produced by NYU-CIC as part of its work to support the Pathfinders’ Task Force on Justice.

The Justice for All report calls for a transformation from justice systems that provide justice for the few to systems that provide justice for all. The Justice Champions of Change are individuals from around the world who have shown that change is possible when we put people at the heart of justice.

  • The South African statisticians advancing access to civil justice

  • The business leader driving justice for all from the inside

  • The lawyer working with businesses to transform justice systems

  • The native health partners ensuring justice for people in Alaska

  • The Bangladeshi judge who protected people in the justice system from COVID-19

  • The Canadian poverty law clinic that kept putting people first during a pandemic

  • The advocates with a simple message: "Poverty is not a crime"

  • How improving justice for children in Georgia led to lower reoffending rates

  • The mediators promoting justice for all in Nigerian courts

  • How harnessing the power of the media achieved a justice transformation

  • The entrepreneur who is disrupting the legal market

  • The advocate fighting for legal empowerment in U.S. prisons

  • The lawyer who ran out of sabr (patience)

  • How one change-maker orchestrated sweeping justice system reforms in Dubai

  • The ombudsman who moved into the neighborhood to solve people’s justice problems

  • The prisoners who learn the law to become justice changemakers

  • How one change-maker brought people-centered justice to the Bahamas

  • The Argentinians who Bring Justice to the People who Need it Most

  • The lawyers who sold their car to buy a camera

Do you have a story to tell?

Nominate a Justice Champion of Change to be featured in the series.


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