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Justice for Women

To achieve gender equality and deliver justice for all by 2030, in a world where billions of women and girls are not yet able to obtain justice, we must resolve women’s justice problems, prevent injustices large and small from occurring, and use justice systems to create opportunities for women and girls to participate fully in their societies and economies.

Justice for women remains central to the achievement of SDG5 and SDG16. Understanding the most common justice problems that women and girls face as well as their experiences as they try to resolve them are critical to legal empowerment and people-centered justice services. Connecting global advocacy and policy development to national action and local experiences is critical as we double down on our efforts to achieve justice for women in the lead up to the 2023 SDG Summit. Please join the effort!

We are currently working on:

  • State of Hope gathering on Access to Justice for Women
    In partnership with The Elders, we held a State of Hope gathering on 1 March, ahead of International Women’s Day and the 66th session of the Commission on the Status of Women. The gathering recognized progress made on access to justice for women in 2021, advanced Generation Equality Forum commitments to meaningful action and started the clock on preparations for the 2023 SDG Summit.


  • Building the movement: quarterly calls among those working for justice for women
    Capturing the momentum of the High-Level Group on Justice for Women and the commitments made at the Generation Equality Forum, we will be hosting quarterly calls on Justice for Women. The discussions will bring together people and organizations from across regions to inspire one another, share information, align efforts, create synergies and form a powerful network to effect change. 

  • An estimate of the global justice gap for women in 2023
    Pathfinders will be supporting UN Women, IDLO and the World Bank to capture data from a range of global and national sources to estimate the global justice gap for women, demonstrate its impact on women, families, communities and economies, and present evidence of what works to provide justice for women and girls around the world.

Building on the momentum of the High-Level Group report, Pathfinders joined forces with The Elders in 2021 to develop sample commitments and the following key messages on justice for women to shape the ‘Blueprints for Action by the Generation Equality Action Coalitions’:

  • Increase the number of women in the justice sector 

  • Increase funding for legal empowerment and justice services for women 

  • Provide people-centered justice services to survivors of gender-based violence

  • Invest in data and analysis on women’s justice problems and experiences

  • Reduce incarceration of women by increasing the use of alternatives sentences

The report of the High-Level Group on Justice for Women, published by the Pathfinders, UN WomenIDLO and the World Bank examines:

  • The justice gap for women and girls
    What do women and girls need and want when they seek justice?

  • Making the case
    What is the case for action and investment in access to justice for women and girls?

  • What works
    What strategies, tools and approaches will increase access to justice for women and girls?

  • Call to action
    What commitments should national and local actors make to close the justice gap for women and girls?

For more information and background documentation, visit

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High-level Group Report
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Executive Summary & Key Messages
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Infographic [EN] [ES]
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Justice for Women Amidst COVID-19
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Justice for Women Amidst COVID-19: Summary [EN]
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